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Success using Social Media

Success Using Social Media

by Teddy Burriss

The first book you need to read if you want to get value from your social media activities for your life, career, business or community.


Paper back – CreateSpace.com or Amazon.com

Kindle Version – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EWO45EM

Nook Version – Due Dec 1, 2013

Autographed Copy from the Author

Success using Social Media starts by building relationships

This page is about the book “Success using Social Media” and the Social Media Success Stories.

Success using Social Media starts by building relationships.

This is a critical to get the best results from your social media activities.

The book introduces the reader to TRUHE, the 5Cs of Social Media and the Ten Principles of Social Media. Woven within the book are also numerous Social Media Success Stories contributed by individuals who believe in building relationships IRL (in real life) as well as Virtual through Social Media.

Success Using Social Media is available on  Amazon, CreateSpace, Kindle and Nook (12/2013).

I am going to continue collecting the Social Media Success Stories. They will be published below. If you want to share your own Social Media Success Story, please email NCWiseman@TeddyBurriss.com or visit Social Media Success Story. I will add your story to the growing list and the e-book that we will publish before the end of the year.


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